Hunterian Museum - Easter activities for children

Issued: Thu, 21 Mar 2002 00:00:00 GMT

GAMELAN, an important part of the culture in Java, Indonesia, is an amazing set of percussion instruments used to create exciting rhythms and melodies. The wooden and bronze instruments include glockenspiels, hanging and sitting gongs of various sizes, bronze kettles and a large double ended drum.

A development of activities over 3 half days

  • Tue 2nd April 02 - Introductory session. Learn how these exciting instruments work and learn to play simple melodies.
  • Wed 3rd April 02 - Develop and perfect simple melodies.
  • Thurs 4th April 02 - Progress to more complex melodies and perform for parents, siblings and peers.
Session times:
7 to 10 yrs: 10-11.30am (Thurs 4th April: 10am-12pm)
11 to 14 yrs: 1-3pm (Thurs 4th April 1-3.30pm)

Cost of sessions: £10 for 3 sessions (pricing not available for individual sessions)

Drop-in Gamelan sessions, for ages 7-11 years (FREE)
Sat 23rd Mar, Sat 13th and 20th April
Session time: 11am - 12pm
To book or for further details please telephone: Hunterian Museum on 0141 330 4221




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