Archies in Action

Published: 26 June 2002

Archie Henderson: Modern Apprentice at the University of Glasgow's Hunterian Museum, unveils his first exhibition, 'Archies in Action: A Glasgow Family at War', on Monday 1 July 2002 .

Archie Henderson, 17, is preparing to launch his own personal exhibition at the Hunterian Museum about the military background of the men of his family spanning a century. It begins with Archie's great-great grandfather who was around during the time of the Boer War and finishes with his father who served in Northern Ireland.

"I'm really looking forward to this, although I'm a bit nervous because it's my first exhibition. But I suppose that's the whole point. I'm getting excellent experience which will almost certainly be of great use to me in the future" said Archie.

On display will be the medals awarded to his great-grandfather and grandfather for their part played in the First and Second World Wars. The exhibition will also focus on why all the men in his family have served in the Armed Forces, including cousins and uncles. It will look at the kind of men they were, their backgrounds and their lives before and after their military service.

Having always been interested in the military history of his family and with aspirations to join the Army himself one day, Archie recognised that the opportunity of presenting this exhibition was an excellent chance to investigate his family's military background in greater depth. "I really enjoyed finding out more things about my family history, especially about my great-great grandfather, as nobody in the family knew much about him at all".

Archie's grandfather's brothers were also in the military - one served in Palestine while another was captured by the Japanese, held as a POW and tortured. His own father and uncle have also both been in the Army and have been awarded medals for their service in Northern Ireland.

The exhibition will show that the men in the Henderson family have a continued tradition of military service, both as volunteers and as conscripts for over a century.

Archie Henderson is one of two Modern Apprentices in Cultural Heritage at the University working towards an SVQ (Scottish Vocational Qualification) level 3. He holds a unique position, as he is the only modern apprentice working in numismatics in the country.

The exhibition runs from 1 July to 17 August 2002 at the Hunterian Museum.


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Archie began working in the Hunterian Museum in August 2001 following his departure from Paisley Grammar School after fifth year, aged sixteen.

Modern Apprenticeships offer those aged over sixteen paid employment combined with the opportunity to train for jobs at craft, technician and management level.

They are an exciting way of gaining skills and qualifications that will help to start a career without having to study full-time and are available now across a wide range of industries.

Archie Henderson may be contacted on 0141 330 2266 or e-mail:

His supervisor, Dr. Sally Ann Coupar, may be contacted on 0141 330 2398 or e-mail:

The exhibition will open on Monday 1st July 2002 at The Hunterian Museum and runs until 17 August 2002.

NUMISMATICS is the study or collection of coins and medals.

First published: 26 June 2002

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