Time Capsule Burial

Published: 26 July 2002

As the new University of Glasgow's Medical School Building nears completion, a time capsule will be buried in its walls to reflect recent events, both locally and nationally.

On Tuesday 30 July 2002 at 11.00am, a time capsule will be buried in the soon to be completed Medical School Building on University Avenue.

The Principal, Professor Sir Graeme Davies will be accompanied by Sir Michael Bond, chair of the fundraising committee, Professor Michael Farthing, current Dean of Medicine and Professor Brian Whiting, former Dean of Medicine.

Students and Faculty have suggested the contents in a bid to reflect both positive and negative current issues affecting daily lives.

Back issues of University publications, a swatch of University of Glasgow tartan, British Medical Journals, a music chart CD 'Now 51', a stethoscope, photography of the site and examples of currency are just a selection of the contents. Reiach & Hall, the architects, have given a CD-ROM of the blue prints of the building itself.

Whenever it is eventually found and opened, it should provide an interesting 'snapshot' of the people and issues involved at the time of the building.

Media Relations Office (media@gla.ac.uk)

You are invited to be represented at the photo call on Tuesday 30 July at 11.00am at the new Medical Building on University Avenue.

Photographers are requested to meet at the Rose Garden in front of the new building where a Press Officer shall accompany them to the location of the burial.

The Press Office (0141 330 3535) will be issuing further details about the formal opening of the new building in due course.

First published: 26 July 2002

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