Two Men in a Trench

Published: 27 August 2002

Neil Oliver and Tony Pollard of the University's Archaeology Department set for stardom in new BBC TV series

Even before the first programme has been transmitted, there is quite a buzz about BBC 2's newest history / archaeology series, "Two Men in A Trench".

Such has been the level of interest that the first episode has been moved from a Friday evening slot to a prime Tuesday night position in anticipation of attracting higher viewing figures (TUESDAY 3 SEPTEMBER at 8.00pm). Articles have already appeared in The Telegraph, BBC History Magazine and Business AM with more to follow.

Tony Pollard and his 'digging' partner, Neil Oliver, look set to catch the imaginations of the viewing public with their refreshing and individual approach to re-examining historical accounts of famous battles.

The first programme on Tuesday 3 September at 8.00pm on BBC 2 sees the duo revisiting Culloden, scene of the last pitched battle to be fought on British soil.

They shall be investigating claims that Cumberland's victorious troops committed atrocities and will question why the Jacobites much-feared Highland Charge failed to prevail.

Revelations shall be made but you will need to tune in to find out what they are....

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First published: 27 August 2002

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