Why Join Unite?

Unite are the largest support staff union at the University of Glasgow, and the largest Higher Education branch of Unite in Scotland, covering hundreds of technicians, cleaners, operations staff, admin staff, and a growing number of R&T staff, across over 80 buildings on the University estate.

We are a fully worker-led and democratic trade union branch, focused on organising and building worker power, by giving the members the support and tools they need to resolve issues for themselves and their coworkers.

We also have a strong focus on equalities as a branch – having fought for and won better policies and conditions for carers, menopausal workers, neurodivergent workers, LGBTQ+ workers, and disabled workers.

Our Shop Stewards are fully-trained to advise on workplace matters, help organise campaigns, and represent members in formal procedures. Health & Safety Reps can support you with matters about workplace safety, hazards to physical and mental health, and to organise workplace inspections.

Finally, our reps and officers volunteer their time to negotiate every week with management on organisation changes, policy proposals, consultations, safety, and equalities matters on behalf of our membership.


Whatever your job, whatever your grade, from your first day working here to your last – you need to be part of the union.


Join us at https://join.unitetheunion.org/