As a student at the University of Glasgow, you are automatically a member of its Students’ Representative Council (SRC).  The activity of the SRC is organised around three main areas: Representation & Support; Participation, and Services.

Students' Representative Council

Representation & support

The SRC’s main responsibility is to represent the students of the University, and this means all students. Whether you are a mature student, an international student, part-time, doing a post-graduate qualification or straight from school, the SRC works for your interests.

The SRC is a student-led organisation, run by a council which includes 30 student members and an executive formed by sabbatical and non-sabbatical officers. All registered students of the University have the right to vote and can stand for elections, which usually take place in October and March every year.

Furthermore, the SRC runs a free, impartial and confidential Advice Centre which can help you with anything from academic matters to housing, financial and welfare advice.


Student media

students protesting

The SRC is home to four award winning student media groups – they provide a great way to pick up a whole host of new skills and experience, and of course enjoy a truly original experience. New contributors are always welcome throughout the year, and no experience is required – just contact the media heads to join in!

  • Glasgow University Guardian: the country's leading student newspaper, with a long history of independent thought and investigative journalism. It was founded in 1932 as The Gilmorehill Globe and then renamed to the Glasgow University Guardian in 1959. 
  • Glasgow University Student Television (GUST): the oldest student run TV station in the world, founded in 1964. GUST was voted Highly Commended Best Broadcaster at the National Student Television Association Awards in 2013. Each week they produce a wide variety of programmes, including News, Film and Music available online.
  • Glasgow University Magazine (GUM): the oldest student publication in Scotland, first published in 1889. A stylish and cutting edge, culturally aware magazine that covers a wide range topics from fashion to art to politics and beyond:
  • Subcity Radio: the student radio station based at the University of Glasgow, founded in 1995, following an American freeform college radio format. Unlike most other student stations, Subcity has always been aimed squarely at music lovers. With no set playlist and 90% specialist programming, it has consistently provided a service unavailable anywhere else in Glasgow. They broadcast online, including a listen again service, at

Student volunteer support service

The Student Volunteer Support Service (formerly known as Student Community Action) provides students with volunteering opportunities both on and off campus and provides a valuable link with, and input into, the local community. Student volunteering covers a large range of activities and projects including student tutoring or supporting homeless people in Glasgow, to programmes tackling AIDS in Africa.

Clubs and societies

There are over 150 clubs and societies at Glasgow and most of them enjoy affiliation and support from the SRC. You'll be spoilt for choice - Clubs and Societies provide an excellent way to meet new people and try new things, look great on your CV and are also lots of fun. Every year hundreds of students join a club or society for the first time, so you will not be alone. And if nothing takes your fancy, then it’s really easy to set up your own


Finally, the SRC offers a number of services to make sure that your life at university runs as smoothly as possible. Our services include:

  • The cheapest photocopying and printing facilities in the West End
  • A secondhand bookshop where you can sell and buy used textbooks
  • Flatshare
  • Student jobshop
  • Nightline (0141 353 1050), a student-run listening and information services between 7pm and 7am during term-time.