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Recruiting now for 2021-2022, starting 1st September 2021!

Living support vacancies

There are a range of Living Support positions throughout all University accommodation.  The majority of applications are considered around April/May, with successful candidates taking up positions at the start of September.  Vacancies can arise during the academic year and applications are retained on file for reference.

Who can apply?

These positions are best suited to mature students, later year undergraduates and postgraduates, especially those with previous experience of living in University accommodation. Applicants must be/going to become registered students or staff at the University of Glasgow.


Primarily interviews are held at two key times of year around May and August/September time. Ad-hoc interviews can be called outwith these times should vacancies arise.

Application form and further information

If you are interested in applying to become a member of the living support staff, please read the Living Support Assistant Job Description and complete a Living Support Assistant Application Form 2021. Any specific queries can be e-mailed to

Completed application forms should be returned to

The deadline for submitting an application form is 8th August 2021, with interviews being held online in August. 

Could you be a Living Support Assistant?

Am I right for a Living Support role?

We are looking for people who would made good role models for new students of the university. 

If you are:

  • Passionate about making a positive impact on the lives of other students,
  • A keen 'people person' who gets along well with their peers,
  • Able to work as part of a team and independently using your own initiative,
  • Able to confront other people's poor behaviour in a constructive manner,
  • Hard working and committed to developing your skills,

then you may be just the right person for a Living Support role!

This role would ideally suit students with previous experience of living in university accommodation, or people with previous leadership experience such as school prefects, paired readers, guide and scout leaders, carers, etc.

To qualify for a current Living Support role you must be a University of Glasgow student or staff member.

You do not need to meet the requirements for an accommodation application, meaning students who reside in Glasgow city who would normally not be offered a room, as well as students in senior years of their degrees are eligible.

Apply for a Living Support role

The benefits of a Living Support role

What are the benefits of a Living Support role?

There are a number of fantastic benefits to joining the Living Support Team:

Significant rent rebate

  • 60% rent rebate of a standard room, including bills, for Living Support Assistants, rising to a 100% rebate of a standard room for Senior Living Support Assistants.

High standard living conditions

  • You'll be staying in well maintained accommodation designed for students, with off-street parking, security, high speed internet, and 24 hour site staff who can assist with a wide range of issues,
  • No need to find a flatmate to share a private rented flat with as flatmates are allocated for you,
  • Dedicated staff flats for Senior Living Support Assistants.

Extensive transferable training provided

  • Free extensive training provided in mental and physical health responding, dispute resolution, event organising, and more,
  • First Aid training and Mental Health First Aid training and certification provided,
  • Gain a wealth of transferable skills such as working as part of a team, communication and interpersonal skills, prioritisation and organisational skills, etc.

A great opportunity for career development

  • An interesting and valuable role to have on your CV, which will help you to stand out from other candidates,
  • Great opportunity for those who want a career that involves supporting others (mental and physical health professions, education, HE services, etc.), to develop skills relevant to those roles,
  • HEAR accredited, meaning the role appears on your University transcript.

A rewarding and social position

  • Many opportunities to meet new people and develop your social skills,
  • An important and rewarding role where you have the chance to help people and make an impact on the lives of your fellow students,
  • Great to be more involved in the vibrant UofG community,
  • Develop more confidence in your abilities and learn to think of your feet in challenging circumstances,
  • Access to PAM assist, a 24 hour confidential support service.

A flexible role specifically tailored for students

  • A part-time role specifically designed to fit around student life and sensitive to the demands of being a student.

Apply for a Living Support role