About Living Support

Three Living Support Assistants wearing blue hoodies in a grassy courtyard at Queen Margaret Residences

Image taken prior to COVID-19

Recruiting now!

Come along to our online Living Support Recruitment Q&A session on Monday 29th March 2021 from 12:30 to 1:30PM where you can ask members of the Living Support Team questions about the role and the application process.

To get the link to join email livingsupport@glasgow.ac.uk.

Your Living Support Team is made up of a Warden, Senior Living Support Assistants (SLSAs) and Living Support Assistants (LSAs). They are current University of Glasgow students, both undergraduate and postgraduate, who live on-site and provide out of hours advice and support to residents. They are fully trained to help in a wealth of scenarios including: 

  • Settling into university life, getting to know your halls and the local area, and home sickness.
  • Health concerns, First Aid, Mental Health First aid, and accessing medical help.
  • Emotional support, course worries, exam stress, and accessing university services.
  • Noise complaints, problems with flat dynamics, and discipline.
  • Out of hours maintenance reporting.

They also run regular events at the residences and provide opportunities to get to know other residents and try new things.

The team are on duty from 6pm to 8am (6:30pm at Student Apartments) Monday to Friday and 24 hours at weekends. Outwith these hours your residence's site office team are on hand to assist.