February 2014

Organisation Design

A big thank you to all MPA staff involved in research management support who have completed a TRM template. This provides a better understanding of the scale and scope of research management support tasks currently being carried out across the University.

System Implementation

In preparation for the new research module Agresso Business World (ABW) the system will be upgraded (to Milestone 4 Update 01) at the end of April 2014. We will be working with testers from across the University as part of this upgrade.

The system supplier is scheduled to deliver additional functionality for the new Agresso Research Costing and Pricing module at the end of March 2014. This will allow user demos and basic testing to commence during April 2014.

After consulting with a number of academics, we have scoped the functionality and format of a research project ‘wizard’ that will enable a Principal Investigator (PI) to start the process of creating a research project via a set of user friendly screens within Agresso. This is due for delivery during April 2014.

Stakeholder Engagement

During February staff update sessions were held across the university which allowed an open forum for questions. The Frequent Questions section of the website is currently under construction. If you have any questions about the project please contact us.


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