The video logo watermark (sometimes called a ‘bug’) consists of the badge and the animation.

Diagram demonstrating the position of the watermark on a video


The video logo watermark is always positioned just below the top-left corner of the screen to reflect the University’s brand guidelines for print, digital, outdoor and other media. ​

The watermark scale, position, colours or design should never be altered.

Badge use

The small logo badge should be visible throughout entire video, except over the endframe.

Diagram showing the watermark in badge format on a video

Animation use

The watermark animation can appear at any point in the video. We recommend choosing a moment when there isn’t too much visual information distracting the viewer (eg busy subtitles, caption strap, interesting action on screen). For short-form videos, the animation should only be used once during the video. For long-form videos, the animation can occur several times.

Diagram showing the watermark in animation format on a video