Branded stationery

Printed stationery

All printed stationery (letterheads, compliments slips and business cards) must be typeset and printed by the University’s Print Unit. Contact them on ext 4261, email:

Electronic stationery

You can download an electronic version of the Letterhead template for Word if you need to send a letter electronically.


You should save any correspondence as a PDF before sending. This avoids any problems with viewing the letter, and makes it harder for anyone to make changes without your consent.

Letterheads and compliments slips

The full colour version of the marque (logo) without the box is used for letterheads and compliments slips.

Full colour marque version 1


Approved sub-identities (full colour version of the marque (logo) with name of sub-id below) can be used on letterheads and compliments slips.

Third party logos

You can include third party logos on your stationery, for example, funders or accrediting bodies, and these are usually placed bottom right. You will need a high resolution version of the relevant logo to give to the Print Unit.

Business cards

The full colour version of the marque (logo) without the box is used for business cards.


Sub-identities cannot be used due to space restrictions.‌

Third party and partnership logos

If a third party logo is to be used, it should appear on the reverse side of the card from the University marque.

If you need to use a partnership logo, this should go in place of the University marque, on the front. The University marque then goes in a prominent position on the back of the card.

If you need to include a large amount of information on a business card, personal details can go on the front (along with our marque) and the address details on the back.


There is an option to put an approved image of the University campus on the reverse of the card. The Print Unit have the high resolution files and can assist.