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Advertising Agency

SMRS is one of the UK's leading recruitment communication agencies and a significant provider of marketing and communications support to the education sector in the UK.  They will work with you to identify, plan and deliver a range of advertising opportunities that suit your needs.

Contact SMRS on email:, tel: 0161 200 1444,

Programme or course advertising

All programme or course advertising is placed using our preferred supplier, SMRS. 

We ask that all colleagues contact their relevant Recruitment and Conversion Marketing Manager (RCMM) to discuss the placement of advertising so that they can advise on the best approach as part of the World Changers Welcome student recruitment marketing.

Recruitment (jobs) advertising

All recruitment advertising should be arranged through your Recruitment Assistant in the Recruitment Team, Human Resources. For information regarding publications, deadlines, cost and advice, please contact

Research (volunteers) advertising

SMRS can also support the placement of advertising to help recruit research volunteers.  If you would like some advice about advertising options and required budgets, please email

Monitoring effectiveness of your ad

Advertising can be costly. Online advertising is becoming increasingly important and can be far more cost-effective than print. Whatever type of advertising you choose, it is worth considering how you can monitor responses and track value for money.

For instance, can you check with enquirers where they heard about the course? Can you monitor click-throughs on your web pages? If you are placing a print ad, think about creating a specific web page with its URL, which will allow you to track the number of people driven to the web page from your advert. 

Contact the Marketing team for advice,