5G Technology and Services in the built Environment

The University of Glasgow’s Communication Sensing and Imaging Group (CSI) organized the first ever workshop on the topic of 5G Technology and Services in the built Environment on 21st October 2018, set in the backdrop of University of Glasgow’s campus expansion. This full day event was based around presentations, demonstrations and discussions on how built environments must evolve to provide the next generation of communications services demanded by citizens, visitors and industry. The event provided a unique opportunity for the 5G research community, commercial service providers and the public sector (UK Government, Scottish Government and local authority sectors) to come together to initiate a dialogue on how we should integrate 5G into the built environment.  

The workshop was attended by the senior representatives from industry and academia including 5G Innovation Centre (5GIC), Vodafone, BT, Nokia, Cisco and others. The keynote speakers, panellists and the attendees provided thought provoking perspectives on the role of advanced communication technology in the built environment. Professor Chris Pearce and Professor Muhammad Imran discussed the ongoing 5G activity at University of Glasgow and highlighted the need to develop collaborations around early 5G use cases within the campus environment which can lead to future deployment at city scale. 

If you would like to find out more about 5G research at the University of Glasgow, please see here. For more information or to get involved contact ahmed.zoha@glasgow.ac.uk.