Standard IAA Projects - 2021

AI-driven antenna design exploration software tool development - Bo Liu; Muhammad Imran
Panta Rhei: Syndet Characterisation and Process Modelling - Manlio Tassieri, Manosh Paul
Location Tracking System for autonomous monitoring of Bulks of Cereal Grain - Hasan Abbas; Qammer Abassi
An Intelligent Non-Invasive Real-Time Elderly Activity Recognition System for Next-Generation Healthcare - Qammer Abbasi
An in-depth technical and market assessment for EchoSense - Alex Turpin
Ionic and flow effects in LCoS devices - Nigel Mortram
IndiPiX Technology & Market Assessment - David Cumming; Vincenzo Pusino
In situ eDNA monitoring of planktonic threats to salmon aquaculture using a paper-based PCR device - Martin Llewellyn (PI); Julien Reboud
A Compact Multi-Radiation Detector for Robotic Pipe Inspection in Nuclear Decommissioning - David Mahon, Bjoern Seitz, Rick Gray
Reliability for sustainable electronics - Jeff Kettle
Keltic Pharma PEP-SMOL Drug Discovery Platform - Andrew Jamieson
Scale up of Smart Windows - Emily Draper (PI), David Adams
Novel blades for electric vertical lift - George Barakos
Addressing technical shortfalls and assessing future end-user needs in the treatment of the UK’s civil plutonium - Joy Farnaby
Heartbeat-synchronization-enhanced Aurora microscope - Jonny Taylor
BioGel Micromechanics - Massimo Vassalli
RFID-enabled location tracking system for autonomous monitoring of bulks of cereal grain - Qammer Abbasi
PDK Development for Cryogenic Electronics - Vihar Georgiev, Tapas Dutta, Asen Asenov

Research Associate Led IAA Projects - 2021

Fast Track IAA Projects - 2021

Envirofy - Gozel Shakiri
CUWiP- employers and employability: engaging industry in the national Conference for Undergraduate Women in Physics - Caroline Müllenbroich
Dynamic defects within an LCOS device - Nigel Mottram
Training for Condition Monitoring Offshore Wind Turbine through Machine Learning and CFD - Xiaolei Liu