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Inclusive Innovation Programme

With an emphasis on positive societal or environmental change as well as sustainability, the IP & Innovation team has been working in partnership with Community Enterprise in Scotland (CEIS) on the Inclusive Innovation Programme funded by Scottish Government to provide new social enterprise opportunities to our academic colleagues.

The Inclusive Innovation Programme programme delivers digital training; 1-2-1 business support from CEIS, the UK’s leading social enterprise development agency; legal support from MacRoberts LLP; and support to internationalise your idea from the Challenges Group, one of Scotland’s leading social enterprises delivering support in >70 countries; as well as from the IP & Commercialisation team at the University of Glasgow, which we hope will lead to a new generation of academic social entrepreneurs, providing new sustainable jobs, and highly impactful evidence-based research to Scotland and internationally.

Steps to Startup is an e-learning launchpad programme for social and environmental entrepreneurs - and it’s available to you now for free. If you would like to learn more about defining your research as a business problem, how to build a business case or learning more about socially/environmentally focused business models, the Steps to Startup E-learning program is made up of 8 easy to follow, video-based courses with everything you need to know about social purpose business startup:

  • Course 1: Defining the Problem
  • Course 2: Planning Your Social Impact
  • Course 3: Building Support For Your Cause
  • Course 4: Testing Your Ideas on a Small Scale
  • Course 5: Finding Your Customers
  • Course 6: Designing Your Business Model
  • Course 7: Securing the Funding
  • Course 8: Getting Ready for Take-Off

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One-to-One Support for a Social Enterprise model

To access one-to-one business support from CEIS, MacRoberts and the Challenges Group as well as the University's IP & Innovation Team, please contact Morven Fraser-Walther.