CLAN: Community Led Ambassadors Network
(Scottish Government Talking Science Award for 2013-14)

The purpose of this year long project is to connect University of Glasgow researchers with communities in the top 0.5% most deprived areas in Scotland, through community-led public engagement (PE) activity. After a succesful first year of the project in which we interacted with 6500 people through 168 points of engagement with University of Glasgow researchers.

Key Objectives:
•    Grow meaningful relationships with community groups enabling two-way communication between researchers and the public
•    Coalesce a University-wide network of PE Champions supported by communication training, co-ordination, development and sharing best practice
•    Develop a structure where the agenda is led by community groups and researchers are able to respond to engagement requests with high quality bespoke interactions
•    Embed a community engagement strategy within the University ensuring a lifespan beyond this project.

We are working across the University to involve a wide range of staff, from those who already have a wealth of PE experience to nurturing new talent and sharing best practice. If you are interested in being involved (researcher or community group) or for more information please contact the GSF team.