Strategic Planning Reports

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Due to the commercially sensitive nature of the content, Strategic Planning Reports are to be viewed only by current University of Glasgow staff members and must not be shared beyond current University of Glasgow staff members.

With the launch of the Inspiring People-Changing the World strategic plan, it has been clearly articulated that there is an institutionally held desire to have a more empowered and agile approach to decision making. Key to this will be timely provision of information and the adoption of a bottom up approach to strategic planning. In order to achieve this, an enhanced level of focus at unit level is required and this is what the Strategic Planning Reports address.

The Strategic Planning Reports provide units with the opportunity to reflect and comment on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) as defined in the Strategic Plan: Inspiring People, Changing the World, as well as the unit's financial performance, development activities, key events and risks. In addition to this reflective component, the Strategic Planning Report captures the unit's medium to long term vision with key objectives to be accomplished within 5 years as well as objectives intended to be accomplished within the coming year.


For staff looking for information on the current round of Strategic Planning Reports, or to get access to SPRs from prior years, please contact