If you need help or advice, please contact the University's Internal Communications team.

If you have any feedback or news to submit, please contact communications@glasgow.ac.uk

MyGlasgow Internal Communications Hub content

The MyGlasgow Internal Communications [IC] Hub on the Staff Portal is the primary channel for delivering internal news and engagement. 

The IC Hub delivers:

  • Comprehensive and timely internal news coverage for all colleagues
  • Engaging feature material
  • High profile or strategically valuable news
  • Support for colleague engagement
  • Emergency and crisis communications
  • Linked content by subject or category
  • Archive of previous internal news stories

You can access the MyGlasgow Internal Communications Hub on the UofG Staff Portal.

Internal news stories

Internal news stories make up most of the content on the Hub. The Hub homepage features up to 12 internal news stories, which are updated as required. As the Hub is updated regularly, there are no deadlines for submitting content and you can send us your stories whenever you are ready.

News featured on the Internal Communications Hub is visible to the whole University community and therefore should have a broad appeal. It must be relevant to the majority of colleagues, examples include:

  • Institutional success (rankings, external accreditations)
  • Strategic updates
  • Key appointments
  • Significant development or infrastructure updates
  • Significant events on campus
  • Topical news or stories related to awareness days
  • Major individual or team successes
  • Colleague engagement activity or campaigns
  • Quirky or interesting stories related to the University and relevant to all

Spotlight stories

The Spotlight section includes higher profile featured stories, or those that have a particular strategic value. Spotlights have a longer lifespan than regular news stories and will have a higher visibility at the top of the Hub page.

On the MyGlasgow Internal Communications Hub homepage there is space for up to three Spotlight stories. We aim to upload one new Spotlight story every two to three weeks, so the typical lifespan for a Spotlight story on the IC Hub should typically be between six and nine weeks.

Spotlights include the following content types:

  • SMG blogs
  • UofG Community features
  • Other matters of cross-institutional strategic importance eg. strategy or campaign launches

MyGlasgow News roundup

Every fortnight the Internal Communications team issues an email newsletter, featuring notable news published on the MyGlasgow Internal Communications Hub over the period.

This acts as an ‘In Case You Missed It’ service, providing an at-a-glance roundup of stories and directing colleagues to the Hub to read the latest news.

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