Developing a Healthy Research Culture

Published: 10 November 2018

Making Glasgow the place where good researchers want to come - and stay

We want Glasgow to be the place where good researchers want to come (and stay!) to do excellent research. We therefore value our research practice and research culture – and have a raft of measures to support researchers, including training, support services, research integrity advisors, IT innovations (e.g. through Enlighten) and new policies.

Good conduct in research applies to everything we do, from how we manage our data to how we treat our colleagues to how we go about planning our publications.

Glasgow has been recognised externally for its support for research integrity, most recently by the Royal Society ((UKRIO/ Royal Society Toolkit).

What’s new this year?

For a summary, see our annual assurance statement on research integrity (Annual Statement on Research Integrity 2017-2018) – it describes what we are doing to promote good research practice, as well as sharing where we have investigated research misconduct.

Three more things to note:

  1. Institutional Statement on the Responsible use of Metrics in Research (Responsible Metrics): our commitment to the fair and transparent assessment of research and researchers
  2. Funder policies on bullying and harassment in research: A good research culture is one in which we treat each other with dignity and respect. Both CRUK and Wellcome Trust require us to notify them of investigations of bullying and harassment relating to researchers that they have funded or have invited as a panelist or speaker to their events. Other funders will no doubt follow so please familiarise yourself with existing policies. 

      3. “Managing your publications” website: Advice on sharing and tracking your research. Try the simple SciVal tutorial, to help view your citations:


If you have questions about research practice, or want to discuss our plans for a better research culture please contact Tanita Casci (Head of Research Policy), Miles Padgett (VP (Research)) or Elizabeth Adams (Researcher Development Manager).

First published: 10 November 2018