Pilot of Turnitin similarity checking software

Published: 9 October 2018

Pilot of Turnitin similarity checking software to be launched

Based on the recommendations of the Urkund/Turnitin Working Group, the Education Policy and Strategy Committee (EdPSC) has reached a decision that the University will return to using Turnitin as its sole similarity checking software in 2019-20, pending a successful pilot phase.

A newly formed Turnitin Implementation Group will be testing Turnitin in a staged pilot over the next two semesters. The implementation group’s remit is to pilot the similarity checking capabilities of Turnitin only. Grademark (now Feedback Studio) is not part of the aforementioned decision: only the similarity checker is being tested in this pilot.

The first step in the 2018-19 session is to run Turnitin via Moodle plugin with three courses: Biology 1 and current directions in Life Sciences with a large number of students to test server load, and the PGCAP TELT course as it is run by LEADS colleagues who will also produce educational guidance on the use of the system. The first pilot assignment will open for submission on 1st October.

The group will also make recommendations on potentially widening the pilot phase as it goes into the second semester.

There will be no changes to anyone’s current arrangements for using similarity checkers. If the pilot is successful, the Turnitin plugin for Moodle will be rolled out across the entire institution in 2019-20 as the sole similarity checking tool.

During the course of the pilot, the Turnitin Implementation Group will examine administrative and educational processes around originality checking, and monitor and analyse the system usage and performance. Outcomes will include the creation of appropriate guidance, involvement of the Senate Office to ensure Turnitin meets the University’s needs overall, good practice advice regarding plagiarism prevention, best use and understanding of Turnitin, and dealing with originality reports.

Work to prepare a policy framework and recommend improvements regarding plagiarism prevention will be also taken forward in the pilot.

The co-chairs of the Turnitin Implementation Group are Anna Phelan (IT Services) Anna.Phelan@glasgow.ac.uk & Nicole Kipar (LEADS) Nicole.Kipar@glasgow.ac.uk who can be contacted for further information.

First published: 9 October 2018