Glasgow Advancement for Rwandan Medics

Interested in helping run a charity?

Glasgow Advancement for Rwandan Medics is holding its AGM, and we need fresh volunteers to take up committee and trustee positions.

ARM is a student-staff collaboration set up in response to reports of the challenges faced by some healthcare students studying in Rwanda. We work to support these students with resources and financial support, to allow them to complete their training.

This is the perfect opportunity to gain experience in running a charity and developing key skills in fundraising, advocacy, teamwork, and organisation. We also believe in supporting healthcare professionals finishing their training it has a significant positive effect on the wider Rwandan community, and helps to combat under-staffing in the Rwandan health system. 

If you think you can bring new insight or experiences to us, or you’re just interested in helping us to pursue our objectives support Rwandan students then please come along and find out more!

The event will be held on the 16 May at 18.30 in the Williams room of the John McIntyre building.

Jonathan Byers, Glasgow Advancement for Rwandan Medics

First published: 15 May 2018