Car Parking Update

Issued: Tue, 18 Dec 2018 15:36:00 GMT

Thank you to all those who submitted appeals as part of the current round of car parking applications.

As we indicated previously, we received the following applications:

  • Tay House: 59 (number of spaces: 46)
  • Garscube: 438 (number of spaces: 458)
  • Gilmorehill: 1195 (number of spaces 469)

These were assessed against the criteria previously agreed with staff, namely: length of journey to work; caring responsibilities; business use; and disability. We issued permits as follows:

  • Tay House: permits to all applicants who score more than 0 points (41);
  • Garscube: permits to all applicants who applied for a permit;
  • Gilmorehill: 603 standard permits, 188 occasional permits, 29 permits to Blue Badge holders and 8 motorcycle permits.

150 appeals were submitted; of those, the appeal panel (which included both academic and professional support staff representation) approved an additional 38 applications. We will issue responses to appellants as soon as possible.

We have sought to apply the criteria in as fair a way as possible. Inevitably, with fewer than 500 car parking spaces on the Gilmorehill campus and some 7,000 staff, some individuals will be disappointed. Information about alternative means of transport is available by typing the word ‘travel’ into the search engine or via this link:

Some members of staff may also qualify for access to work grants; further information is available on this external website:

Further points to note:

  • Members of staff are reminded that holding a permit gives the ‘right to roam’ – it does not guarantee a parking space in any particular car park.
  • We will do our best to minimise the loss of parking spaces during construction and refurbishment work on campus; however, some disruption may be expected as we take forward a series of projects.
  • We are actively seeking ways of augmenting the number of car parking spaces on or close to campus through discussion with external partners.
  • Members of staff are respectfully asked to treat colleagues who administer the car parking policy with courtesy at all times.

David Duncan
Chief Operating Officer and University Secretary
Chair, Car Parking Working Group