Car parking scheme opens

Issued: Mon, 01 Oct 2018 15:17:00 BST


The University’s new car parking scheme opened for applications yesterday – October 1 - and will close on Friday, 26 October.

Today, Dr David Duncan, Chief Operating Officer and Chair of the Car Parking Working Group, launches the scheme and provides guidance on how to apply and explains some of the thinking behind the changes.

A key piece of advice to potential applicants is that they should read the dedicated webpages before embarking on the application form.  Permits under the new scheme will be decided against set criteria which allocate points according to these criteria; there will be an appeal system against decisions.

As well as reading the dedicated webpages and scanning in the necessary documentary evidence of proof of eligibility, staff are also directed to the FAQs section (see Find out more section).

Anyone who has any queries about the new scheme should email