Update on new car parking scheme

Issued: Tue, 18 Sep 2018 10:15:00 BST

The new car parking scheme will be introduced on 1 January 2019. The University will invite staff, student and affiliate applications for new permits from Monday 1 October 2018 and applicants will be informed of the outcome of their application during November 2018.

The existing permit scheme will close on 31 December 2018. The University will extend the current permits for existing holders until 31 December 2018. Permit charges for the additional months will be charged pro-rata.‌‌‌

There are several reasons for introducing a new car parking management system:

  • The pressure for parking spaces is intensifying at Gilmorehill and we need to optimise the use of limited number of spaces we have on campus.‌
  • The current permit scheme has been in place for a considerable time without any significant review. We want to put policies in place that are as fair as possible to all members of staff, taking into account their personal circumstances.
  • The Gilmorehill campus will undergo significant change over the next 5 to 10 years with intensified contractor activity during the delivery of major construction works. We need clear policies and regulations around vehicle management and enforcement during this period.

Permits will be allocated to those with the greatest need by assessing applications against agreed criteria. The criteria will be based on the principles of fairness and equality and will cover:

  • Disability
  • Requirements for using a vehicle for Business Purposes
  • Contractual requirements for early or late working
  • Access to realistic alternatives for commuting travel
  • Caring responsibilities for dependants


Any appeal against the decision whether to issue a permit or not will be dealt with by the University in line with the criteria based assessment and the scheme’s operating code of practice. Further proof of evidence may be requested. A written response will be issued to the appellant.

Annual renewal

Under the new system, applicants will be required to re-apply for a permit each year. This will mean that an individual’s changing circumstances can be considered or re-considered and any significant changes to the campus (such as an overall decrease in parking spaces) can be taken into account with a more responsive scheme.



The current cost of permits remains low compared to other employers and effectively acts as a disincentive to use public transport. The cost of permits will be reviewed annually and the permit charges in 2019/20 will be:

  • Gilmorehill and Tay House standard annual permits will cost £300 per annum
  • Garscube standard annual permits will cost £200 per annum
  • A motorcycle permit will be £150 per annum for either campus
  • Occasional Permit will be £1.50 per day/£15 for block of 10 days. The cost for the maximum of 80 permitted days purchased will be £120 for both Gilmorehill and Garscube.

Travel discounts

It is recognised that not everyone will be eligible for a permit and the majority of staff currently travel by other means. In order to provide additional incentive and support for public transport travel the University recently announced the launch of two travel discount schemes for staff to help reduce the cost of their commute.

The incentives include an interest-free rail season ticket loan or interest free loan to purchase an annual SPT zone card allowing unlimited journeys on bus, train and subway; and a Bus Travel Discount Scheme with a 10% discount on a monthly mTicket from FirstBus Glasgow. These are in addition to existing schemes such as Cycle Plus, JourneyShare and free NextBike Hire.

Eligibility of students

Given the pressure on spaces at Gilmorehill, the Car Parking Working Group feels that permits should only be issued to students based at Garscube Campus. Students who are Blue badge holders will automatically be eligible, at any location. (but not at Tay House)

Check for updates at www.gla.ac.uk/parking

David Duncan
Chair, Car Parking Working Group