New Personal Relationships Policy launched

Issued: Tue, 18 Sep 2018 10:01:00 BST

Dear Colleagues,

I invite you to read the University’s new Personal Relationship Policy, which applies to all members of staff.

The Personal Relationships Policy sets out the University’s expectations and requirements regarding close personal relationships between members of the University community.

While the Policy covers three types of relationship - intimate, close and family - we will not collect data on the specific type of relationship being reported; information will be collected solely to ensure that any conflicts of interest are managed appropriately. Further details regarding the data held and how it will be managed, are available via the associated Privacy Notice.

While the Policy covers many types of relationship, members of staff are asked to use their judgement and discretion in relation to the execution of the procedures outlined in the policy. Please note that where the relationship is between a staff member and a student, the fundamental responsibility for reporting any relationship covered by the Policy lies with the staff member.

Members of staff are asked to read the Policy, which is available on the Equality and Diversity Unit and Senate Office web pages.  I urge you to report any relationships in which you are engaged that fall within the terms of the Policy.

If you require further information on the Policy or its impact, please contact Mhairi Taylor, Equality and Diversity Manager, at  


David Duncan 

Chief Operating Officer and University Secretary