Join the World Class Glasgow Programme Team

Issued: Mon, 13 Aug 2018 14:00:00 BST

Are you looking for a new challenge?  Would you like to be part of the exciting programme work happening across the university? 

The World Class Glasgow Programme Team is looking for 4 x Process Analysts for a 12-month period.  Secondment work is a fantastic opportunity for employees to learn, grow and contribute skills and experience to other teams within the University. 

Secondment work is fully supported by the University of Glasgow as a career and personal development opportunity.

For full job details visit: Process Analysts 

What does the secondment involve?

As a Process Analyst, you will assist in the delivery of transformational change through process improvement.  You will be responsible for:

  • a wide range of data capture and analysis
  • capturing current business process flow
  • analysing variation across different areas
  • identifying opportunities for improvement and establishing best practice.
  • supporting the development and on-going management of the World Class Glasgow Programme

What are the benefits for you?

  1. Career development
    A secondment is an opportunity for you to learn new skills and access new experiences that your current role may not offer you.

  2.  New challenges
    You will have to work outside of your normal comfort zone, but that’s when that you become aware of your true capabilities. It is the perfect way to put all your professional skills to the test, recognise just how knowledgeable you are and find out what you need to learn!

  3. Stronger network 
    When it comes to developing your professional network, secondments enable you to work alongside different group of people. The contacts you make may prove an invaluable resource further down the line in your career.

Next steps

Before you apply for a secondment opportunity, please ensure you have discussed this with your manager.  

To apply visit : Process Analysts

If you would like more information on the secondment opportunities or have any specific questions about the role, please contact Rob Thompson