An update on the car parking management scheme

Issued: Tue, 29 May 2018 15:42:00 BST

The University’s Car Parking Working Group met last week and has issued the following guidance:

  • Introduction of the new campus car parking scheme has been delayed to January 2019
  • We anticipate inviting applications for new permits in September/October 2018.
  • People will be informed of the outcome of their application for the new scheme in November 2018.
  • The existing permit scheme will close on 31 December 2018. We will extend the current permits for existing holders until 31 December 2018. Permit charges for the additional months will be charged pro-rata.
  • We will issue further information over the coming months. We will also issue reminders in the run-up to the opening of the new permit application round.

A reminder of the new scheme’s principles and aims can be found in the "Find out more" section.