Disabled Car Parking Bays

Issued: Thu, 24 May 2018 14:24:00 BST

The Disability Equality Group has received a number of complaints relating to abuse of Disabled car parking spaces. I would like remind all staff and students with a car parking permit that the marked Disabled bays are for use by Blue Badge holders only. This also applies to visitors, fleet vehicles and any third party vehicles brought onto site.

It is University policy to have more Disabled parking spaces than Blue Badge holders as, given the nature of our business, disabled staff and students often have to move between buildings to deliver/attend lectures and/or attend meetings. Therefore, although a Disabled parking space may look free, it should not be used, unless you hold a valid Blue Badge.

Persistent abuse of Disabled parking bays may lead to disciplinary action. 

The University is bringing forward a new Vehicle Management and Enforcement Scheme, detail of which will be announced over coming months.  In future, as part of the new scheme, any vehicles parked in a Disabled bay without a valid Blue Badge will incur a Parking Charge Notice.

Prof. Frank Coton
Disability Equality Champion