University Action Plan on BSL produced

Issued: Mon, 12 Nov 2018 10:23:00 GMT

The University of has produced an action plan for the deaf and hard of hearing community who rely on British Sign Language.

BSL action plan

Details of the plan and a whole suite of videos, which are signed in BSL are available here:

Mhairi Taylor, Equality and Diversity Manager at the University, said: "Although there are not a large number of staff or students who use BSL, it is vitally important to recognise that for some BSL is their sole means of communication. As an institution, we are absolutely committed to reaching out to all, and we are delighted to be able to show through our BSL action plan that Glasgow welcomes people from the deaf and hard of hearing community. There are a number of videos on our web site as well as the detailed action plan which the University has embraced. BSL is a very rich and vibrant language and I would encourage anyone, hearing or hard of hearing, to both have a look and perhaps even learn aspects of BSL. Being able to communicate with someone in their own language is a genuinely empowering thing."

The Scottish Government’s BSL Plan 2017-2023 sets out 10 long-term goals, and all public institutions were encouraged to mirror this format, identifying the relevant goals, and setting local actions relevant to their function.