HAT Trick for Professor Annette MacLeod

Issued: Mon, 13 Aug 2018 15:39:00 BST

It has been a very successful year for Annette MacLeod, who is a principal investigator within the Wellcome Centre for Molecular Parasitology (WCMP) and a member of the Institute of Biodiversity, Animal Health & Comparative Medicine (BAHCMS), writes Alexandra Mackay, WCMP.

 Annette MacLeodThis year Annette was successful in renewing her senior fellowship (£2.5 million) and Trypanogen network (£2.2 million) both from the Wellcome Trust.

Annette was also awarded the prestigious CA Wright memorial medal. This honour from the British Society of Parasitology recognises individuals who have demonstrated an outstanding contribution to the discipline of Parasitology

To add to this roll call of success, Annette has been given a chair in Parasitology by the University of Glasgow.

Professor Andy Waters, Director of WCMP said:  “Annette’s work has been outstanding for many years now and 2018 has seen the concrete outcomes of her pioneering work at the interface of Trypanosome biology, population genomics and pathogenesis. She has established a rather unique marriage of these approaches that informs in very useful and most likely translatable fashions how trypanosome parasites impact upon human and livestock well-being. 

"Her rewards in terms of publications, fellowship renewal, peer recognition and finally her elevation to Professor are all richly deserved."

Professor Dan Haydon, Director of BAHCMS said: “Annette occupies a unique position in her field that bridges between the biology of the host pathogen interaction as it occurs in the natural world, and the study of this interaction in the context of modern genomic science. Annette has had an extraordinary run of success over the last couple of years, including a series of seminal papers in eLife, and capped by this remarkable hattrick of achievements.  

"Such success is not chance - it builds on drive and vision and many years of partnership building, ably supported by her team and wider collaborators.  It is great to see this commitment so tangibly rewarded.  Many congratulations.”