MyGlasgow News goes fortnightly

Issued: Tue, 05 Jun 2018 09:54:00 BST

Over the summer, the MyGlasgow News email newsletter will be sent to all staff and students on a fortnightly basis rather than weekly.

The MyGlasgow New webpages will continue to be updated regularly. For current news and events from across UofG visit: MyGlasgow News  

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To submit an article to MyGlasgow News, please visit: Suggest a story or event

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20 June

18 June

3 July

30 June

17 July

13 July

31 July

27 July

14 August

10 August

28 August

24 August

4 September

31 August

The MyGlasgow News email will be sent weekly from 4 September.