Wright Medal honour for Dr Annette MacLeod

Issued: Thu, 12 Apr 2018 16:37:00 BST

Dr Annette MacLeod wins Wright medal‌Wellcome Trust senior research fellow Dr Annette MacLeod has been awarded this year’s Wright medal.

Dr MacLeod is a principal investigator within the Wellcome Centre for Molecular Parasitology and a member of the Institute of Biodiversity, Animal Health and Comparative Medicine.

The CA Wright medal has been given annually since 1985 to a member of the British Society for Parasitology to recognise their outstanding contribution to the discipline of parasitology. Dr Annette MacLeod has been awarded this prestigious honour in recognition of her research into Human African Trypanosomiasis.

Dr Annette MacLeod said: "I am truly delighted and honoured to receive this award for my research. Of course, none of this would be possible without the hard work and support of my lab, collaborators and friends. This award will spur us on to work harder to help eliminate Human African Trypanosomiasis."

"Dr MacLeod is one of the world's leading investigators researching African trypanosomes.  Her work is far-reaching looking at big picture questions and the award of the Wright medal by the BSP is a thoroughly merited recognition of her achievements." - Professor Andy Waters

Prof Dan Haydon said: "Dr MacLeod’s research is a model example of the transformative power of combining fundamental laboratory science with field epidemiology and parasitology, and I’m delighted that the British Society for Parasitology has recognized Annette’s unique contributions to the field with the award of the Wright Medal.  

Annette’s research could profoundly change the way we think about the epidemiology of trypanosomes, and I’m delighted for Annette, and her research group on this important recognition.  I’m also very pleased to see this medal awarded to a woman this year.  The record shows that the scientific community is frequently unreliable in recognizing the contributions of women with these sort of awards - in this case the judgement is spot-on" - Professor Dan Haydon