The Illusions Index

Published: 28 September 2017

How are your perceptions? Find out about The Illusions Index.

The Centre for the Study of Perceptual Experience at the University of Glasgow has proudly announced the launch of The Illusions Index.

The Illusions Index is a fully searchable curated collection of illusions put online by the Centre. The illusions are categorised into different types, allowing you to search for and compare illusions that fall under one or more type. Researchers have provided detailed information about what each illusion teaches us about the philosophy and psychology of perception.

Our senses are remarkable. They have evolved to enable us to accurately perceive a huge variety of things in very different conditions. However, occasionally our senses let us down, and we fail to perceive the world accurately. The resulting illusions give us great insight into how our senses work, and how they usually manage to do so astonishingly well.

The Centre for the Study of Perceptual Experience facilitates analytical philosophical and empirical research into the nature of perceptual experience. Our researchers often work in an interdisciplinary manner drawing on philosophy, psychology, neuroscience, psychiatry, and human-computer interaction.

First published: 28 September 2017