UofG Research Beacons to shine

Published: 21 November 2017

The University's Research Beacons - six broad-based, cross-disciplinary areas of research excellence - are going public with an external launch.

In May this year, the University launched its Research Beacons — these are six broad-based, cross-disciplinary areas of research excellence that have attracted major external investment. The aim of these themed areas of research was to raise the profile of the institution with key audiences and to strengthen further the global reputation of our research.

From this month, the UofG will begin the external launch of the Beacons. Between now and March 2018 we will be promoting our world-changing research through a programme of activities which includes:

  • a series of adverts in the Times Higher Education highlighting research projects from across the four Colleges
  • showcasing content through our social media channels and coordinating this with research funders to reach new audiences
  • the availability from December of six banner-stand displays (one for each Beacon) available for use at events and meetings
  • the development of a brochure which will be sent to key partners and stakeholders in January 2018.

The content teams have worked closely with the academic ambassadors and look forward to working on more features and case studies which showcase the fantastic research happening across the University.

If you would like more information about the Beacons and the communications activity associated with them then please contact Laura Tyler in External Relations, and Research & Innovation:


First published: 21 November 2017