Campus Development cleans up with FoRK

Issued: Mon, 26 Aug 2019 10:36:39 BST

A group of volunteers from Multiplex and the University spent an afternoon with Friends of the River Kelvin, a local charity whose mission is to improve local biodiversity through enhancement projects and educational events.

The team sampled water quality in the river using the presence of invertebrates as a positive indicator. Afterwards, they spent time litter-picking around Kelvingrove Park, meaning the litter will no longer affect local biodiversity or pollute the environment, whilst enabling FoRK to focus on their improvement activities such as tree planting.

The work was conducted through Multiplex’s Net Positive Sustainability Strategy, working to increase biodiversity-related volunteering hours, and also supports the University’s Biodiversity Strategy. With FoRK also planning to undertake extensive renovations of their premises at Ha’Penny Bridge House, Multiplex are looking at further opportunities to support this important local stakeholder.

This is just one of the many stakeholder engagement activities undertaken by the University’s construction partner as part of the campus redevelopment