Second consultation on car parking changes

A four-week long consultation is nearing its end - it gives staff the chance to respond to a draft parking scheme put forward by the Car Parking Working Group. It builds on the principles which formed the basis of the first consultation during the summer.

This second consultation with staff on the proposed scheme will close on December 19, 2017. The timeline for the launch of the scheme has been extended to August 1, 2018, to align with the next academic year.

Other key dates to note are:

  • Applications for new scheme: April-May, 2018
  • Closure of the salary sacrifice scheme in April 2018, but existing permits will be extended from April-September, 2018
  • Launch of new scheme – August 1, 2018.

David Duncan, Chief Operating Officer and Secretary of the University, who chairs the Car Parking Working Group, said: “The main aim of the plan to revise the University’s car parking scheme is to introduce active management of the limited parking spaces on campus and to ensure greater fairness in the allocation of parking spaces.

"In common with many other schemes, the main criteria we have identified are:

  1. Disability
  2. Caring responsibilities
  3. Realistic alternative forms of travel
  4. Essential business use.

“Your views on these and other aspects of the draft scheme will be very helpful.”

Dr Duncan added that the working group proposed to increase the fees for parking permits – to £300 from the current £250 at Gilmorehill and Tay House, and to £200 from the current £147 at Garscube.

“These charges are still low compared to many other employers – but whether you think the charges are too high or too low, we should like to hear from you on this issue,” he said.

“We also propose to make it easier for those who wish or need to use their private cars occasionally to do so. Once again, your thoughts would be very useful.”

Greatest need

The first consultation on changes to car parking arrangements at Gilmorehill, Garscube and Tay House was held in July-August.

The general aims of the new parking management scheme are to:

  • Ensure parking spaces are allocated to those with the greatest need by assessing applications against agreed criteria;
  • Manage available parking to create a safe environment for pedestrians and cyclists;
  • Ensure parking can be managed to meet the changing business needs of the University;
  • Manage parking and vehicle movements during a period of major construction works;
  • Change parking arrangements to reflect 2018 changes to the Salary Sacrifice scheme.

Dr Duncan told MyGlasgow News: “We anticipate being able to share further details, including applicant guidance, in early 2018. The feedback received to date has, on the whole, been very positive and constructive and this has helped us to shape the draft permit scheme.”

The University’s HR directorate will be issuing the information to trades union representatives this week for consultation.

Please send any feedback or comments to by Tuesday, December 19.

First published: 21 November 2017

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