Large-scale campus building survey starts

The detailed building condition survey - carried out every five years by Estates and Commercial Services - is now getting underway. This will include the entire University estate.

Gleeds, one of the University's lead advisers, will be undertaking the survey with a large team of surveyors and engineers over the next two to three months.

The information recorded in the condition report will be essential to planning the long term maintenance needs of the University estate, which will then inform decision making on investments and budget planning.

Estates and Commercial Services say staff and students can expect to see teams of surveyors working across the Campus during the next few months, however the survey should not impact on your day to day work.

Several staff members across Operations, Security and Janitorial Services will be supporting in the provision of information and access to all areas of the Estate during this intensive programme.

Advance notification of survey dates will be provided and local access arrangements agreed before commencement of surveys.

Estates and Buildings contact for the survey programme is David Hasson - .

First published: 5 June 2017

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