District Heating Scheme: this week's update

‌Botany Gate

The Botany Gate entrance to the University, off University Place by the Wolfson Medical School, is currently closed to pedestrians.  Everyone concerned with the District Heating Scheme project apologises for the inconvenience.  Access can be found via the nearby Chemistry Gate, but please watch out for cars.  It is hoped that reinstatement work will be underway in about two weeks' time.

View the diversion map: Isabella Elder/Bower Building diversionImage of the closed Botany Gate entrance

‌‌Across University Avenue from the Botany Gate and Bower building, excavations are continuing on the section of the pipe network that leads up to University Gardens and the Alexander Stone building. It has been necessary to re-route some of the pedestrian access in this area.  If you spot any problems, please email: communications@glasgow.ac.uk

Pearce Lodge

The works teams have been making good progress with the trenches on University Avenue and are making steady progress towards Gibson Street.  It's estimated it will be another three weeks approximately until the road works are clear of the Kelvin Way junction and heading down on to Gibson Street. In the meantime, it's intended to keep the Pearce Lodge closed to motor vehicles, because of the hazards of having traffic moving into the contraflow system. 

Adam Smith Building car park

Because of the need to extend the pipework trenches towards the Adam Smith building, traffic heading for the car park immediately behind the Adam Smith building is being re-routed around the southern end of the building.  Care will be needed at busy times and also because it is a pedestrian route.Image of the Adam Smith building and car park access

Lilybank Gardens

Lilybank Gardens has been closed to through traffic. Access to the car park will be maintained. Pedestrian access will also remain.

Boyd Orr

In University Gardens, beyond the Boyd Orr building, a foot-bridge has been put in place to keep the walkway open as you walk from University Gardens towards the Gregory Building and Lilybank Gardens.

University Gardens

University Gardens is open for parking apart from a small section which is still fenced off. It is completely open for through traffic.

There is extensive work taking place on the pedestrian area outside the QMU. Pedestrian access still remains either side of the trench.

District Heating work - University Gardens

District Heating work -  outside QMU

North Front

Work is nearing an end on the North Front by the Memorial Gates. The construction teams will be working hard to return this area to normal and to reinstate the roadways and pavements.

Image showing progress on the District Heating Scheme


The car park 'forecast'

South Front Some spaces lost because of temporary steam boilers and Tower repair works.
Engineering Way (eastern perimeter) Mostly reinstated and spaces available.
North Front (and ramp to Pearce Lodge) Some spaces lost because of new excavations on North Front. Pearce Lodge exit closed.
Professors' Square Some spaces lost by Chapel for a temporary steam boiler. All other spaces have been reinstated.
Dumbarton Way / Gate Most spaces being reinstated after the road past the Davidson building reopened.
Joseph Black / Kelvin Building Some spaces still lost for temporary boilers and excavations.
Western car park Business as usual for NHS permit holders but the University has NO authority here. Unauthorised vehicles may be booked.
Wolfson underground car park Business as usual
University Gardens Spaces have been reinstated. 
Fraser Building car park Closed at the moment for SRC and GUSA mini-bus access and contractors’ storage. No change for a while yet.
Adam Smith car park/Bute Gardens: Diversion in place for drivers wanting to access the Adam Smith building car park. 
Lilybank Gardens (council run) Business as usual
Boyd Orr Reduced in size to accommodate the Crown House compound.
Ashton Road / Byres Road Business as usual
University Avenue Traffic controls and excavations have removed some spaces on the council controlled parking areas.
University Place Spaces being restored.

Are we missing anywhere?  Let us know.‌

If you have questions about the District Heating Scheme, or are concerned about the impact of the construction work, contact: communications@glasgow.ac.uk

Our Big Picture map details the progression of the work, and the associated trenching, through to the end of October.

Thanks very much for your forbearance!


The District Heating Scheme project is going to involve laying in the region of five and a half kilometres of new pipework across the University campus (both sides of University Avenue) over the next seven months or so. 

This is to replace the old system, which was more than fifty years old. In some cases, the new network will also help facilitate high voltage and IT cables to improve campus services.

First published: 3 November 2015

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