'Objects of Research' go on display

Objects of researchOver October and November Kelvingrove Museum and Art Gallery are hosting a University of Glasgow "Objects of Research" exhibit.

Researchers from across the University have represented their work as display pieces which showcases some of our current areas of research.

Kelvingrove Museum is the most popular free-to-enter visitor attraction in Scotland with over a million visitors annually.

Jamie Gallagher, the University's Public Engagement Officer said "it can be very challenging to think of a symbol or object  to represent your researcher and I'm delighted to see many wonderful and interesting artefacts- from a chemical garden to a giant rubber duck.

“It allows researchers to look at their work from new perspectives and gives the museum visitors a glimpse at some of the amazing research being carried out by Kelvingrove's neighbour." 

The exhibit will run until the 28th of November. 

First published: 21 October 2015

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