Liz Campbell Prize

A new prize has been added to this year's Winter Graduations.

The Liz Campbell Prize is being awarded to outstanding students completing the MSc Global Mental Health programme.

The late Dr. Elizabeth Campbell was a Senior Lecturer in Mental Health and Well-being. Dr Campbell was also a former President of the British Psychological Society (BPS). Dr Campbell proposed the idea of launching the MSc Global Mental Health programme at the University of Glasgow. Sadly Dr Campbell passed away in April 2010.

Dr Campbell is greatly missed by her friends and colleagues. To honour her dedication and tireless work to promote psychology, the MSc Global Mental Health Programme Organisers' Group will offer the Liz Campbell Memorial Prize to outstanding students completing the MSc course.

To be awarded the Liz Campbell Memorial Prize, students will have:

  • Achieved a Distinction in the MSc Global Mental health.
  • Attained the highest Grade Point Average of all the MSc Global Mental Health students completing the programme in a particular academic year.

First published: 23 November 2015