Celebrating George Boole's Bicentenary

Head of the College of Science and Engineering, Professor Muffy Calder, has been paying tribute to the mathematical genius, George Boole, 1815 - 64 as his bi-centenary is celebrated.

Born in Lincoln, Boole was a mathematical genius who was largely self-taught. His appointment as the first Professor of Mathematics at Cork in 1849 provided the opportunity to develop his most important work, 'An Investigation of the Laws of Thought'.

Boole is a pivotal figure who can be described as the ‘father of the information age’. His invention of Boolean algebra and symbolic logic pioneered a new mathematics. His legacy surrounds us everywhere, in the computers, information storage and retrieval, electronic circuits and controls that support life, learning and communications in the 21st century.

University College Cork has been leading the celebrations for the Boolean bi-centeneray, and has recorded a number of interviews with leading academics paying tribute to Boole's legacy. Watch the Muffy Calder interview.

mp4 video

First published: 10 November 2015