Glasgow Science Festival - Celebrating James Watt

In 1765, Scottish engineer James Watt had a ‘eureka’ moment during a walk on Glasgow Green when he conceived the idea of the separate steam condenser.

250 years after Watt’s revolutionary invention, we’re celebrating his legacy as part of Glasgow Science Festival, which launches next week.

On 4 June, join Professor Colin McInnes, James Watt Chair as he sheds a light on Engineering Science from the Enlightenment Era to the present and future. The following day, engineers, museum archivists, and experts from across the country will pay tribute to “The Invention that Changed the World” with a special programme of talks open to all.

Ever used the ‘tape measure’ in George Square? Or heard the tale of Matthew Clydesdale’s galvanisation? Take a free walking tour with Science on the Streets and uncover Glasgow’s history and industrial past on Saturday 13th June.

For more details and booking, please visit Glasgow Science Festival. You can also check out an interview with Professor Colin McInnes on the science festival blog

First published: 22 May 2015

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