Post-Positivism and Simulation Modelling

Have you ever wondered what post-positivism might have to do with simulation modelling, then this seminar is for you. 

Dr Kamil Erkan Kabak (Izmir University of Economics) will give a presentation about how simulation modelling is and can be used for interventions and designs, which might apply to a wide range of disciplines.  The title of his presentation is “Simulation Modelling in Operations Management: Reaching Beyond Post-Positivism?” 

The presentation will cover a systematic literature review that he has undertaken into how simulation modelling is used (or perhaps not used) for building theory in Operations Management.  After the presentation there will be ample time for discussion about his study as well as the use of simulation modelling across all sciences.

Dr Erkan Kabak is the recipient of the Early Career Researchers Mentoring Award 2011 of the International Foundation for Production Research.  He received his doctoral degree from the University of Limerick in 2011.  After working at Bekeynt University (Istanbul), he has joined the faculty of Izmir University of Economics (Turkey) in 2014.

You are warmly invited to attend this seminar that takes place on the 20th May 2015, 14.00-14.45 (the discussion will start 14.45 and has no set end), room: 206 LT, Main Building.  If you plan to attend, please let Kelly Park know so that catering can be arranged.

Looking forward to a discussion with you about post-positivism and beyond.

Dr Rob Dekkers
Reader in Industrial Management
Adam Smith Business School

First published: 14 May 2015

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