District Heating Scheme May Update

Updated Monday 11 May

The first excavations for the University of Glasgow District Heating Scheme are now being reinstated and restored as new works begin near the James Watt South building heading towards the Pearce Lodge.

Last week saw a major switch of road access on the Gilmorehill campus as traffic and pedestrian access was restored from Professors Square into the South Front. 

Drivers wanting to park on the South Front can navigate through the Square, turning left at the Principal's Residence.  At this time the trench works near the James Watt South building (Trench D on the Big Picture map) will start to be advanced down towards the Pearce Lodge.  Parking spaces will only be taken over as the works progress.  There will be single-lane vehicle access up to the turning circle outside the James Watt South building...but no through vehicle access to the South Front and parking areas there.

Dumbarton Way

Work is now also being undertaken on the route from the Dumbarton Road entrance.

Image of Dumbarton Way on the University campusThis is to allow work on the trench sections between the Graham Kerr and the Wolfson Building (link) and Davidson building. You can see the plans for this phase of the District Heating Scheme works by looking at the Trench F map.

Parking will be available adjacent to the Maggie's Centre, but there'll be no through route for cars wanting to park on the South Front.  Those drivers are advised to use the Main Gate on University Avenue.  These two excavation areas will continue to be the site for District Heating Scheme operations through May and June.

Image of the reinstated surface of the South Front


The District Heating Scheme project is going to involve laying in the region of five and a half kilometres of new pipework across the University campus (both sides of University Avenue) over the next seven months or so.  This is to replace the old system, which was more than fifty years old. In some cases, the new network will also help facilitate high voltage and IT cables to improve campus services.

‌The project is also being used as a learning and teaching resource for our students.

First published: 1 May 2015

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