Teaching Excellence Awards 2015

Published: 29 June 2015

Sixteen members of University staff are being presented with Teaching Excellence Awards. Read the full citations here.

Sixteen members of University staff are being presented with Teaching Excellence Awards during the graduation ceremonies taking place this month and next.

Professor Lynn Abrams, School of Humanities (History) presented on 25 June.

Extract from Lynn's citation:

...Professor Abrams inspires not only her students, but also her colleagues, to push the boundaries of how History is taught and learned at the University."

Mathematics Level 2 Team, School of Mathematics and Statistics to be presented on 30 June at 4.00 pm. There are 14 members of this Team, five are able to attend the graduation ceremony.

Extract from the team's citation:

"To quote Cal Davies, a mathematics student who is currently SRC VP for Education: 'Through their use of innovative and modern assessment practices along with rapid feedback through the scanned feedback sheets; the team has ensured that we are all working a lot more outside of class and that work is genuinely productive and helpful.' ”

Dr Val Fallon, School of Life Sciences to be presented on 2 July at 11.00 am

"Dr Fallon has a great enthusiasm for her subject and puts considerable energy into her teaching. Her skilful use of apt analogies is a particular feature of her teaching and is greatly appreciated by her students. As an example one student wrote in their feedback: 'Dr Fallon kept me entertained with her witty insights and I found her teaching methods easy to understand. The labs were thoroughly interesting. In fact I had to make more than one trip I enjoyed it so much! I loved the course, the information was fascinating, I just wish I had more than one semester of it. I give it 10 out of 10.' ”

First published: 29 June 2015

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