Ready for Winter?

Emergencies can happen at any time during the winter months and the flooding this week in Scotland and North-West England has underlined the fact. With a few small steps you can prepare yourself for the unexpected things that can cause disruption to our daily lives.

The Scottish Government's Ready for Winter campaign asks: "Are you prepared for the kinds of things that can happen because of an emergency?"‌

  • Ready for Winter campaign brandingPower cuts, or disruption to fuel supplies
  • Loss of telephone communications or impact to online services
  • Flooding, at home, or at your place of business
  • Becoming stranded or severely delayed while on a journey in the car
  • Evacuation from your home or business, either by yourself or by the authorities, or being unable to get into your home or premises
  • Being confined to the indoors, at home, or somewhere else
  • Unplanned separation of family members

Visit Ready for Winter to see how you can get ready to face those winter emergencies.

First published: 8 December 2015