E-Cigarettes face ban

Changes to the University's no smoking policy mean that e-cigarettes are now also banned from all University buildings and vehicles.

The official statements says: the University of Glasgow commits to promoting health and wellbeing at work. We strive to create world-class environment for all students, staff and visitors.

  • We recognise the right of all students and staff to enjoy a smoke free environment, and
  • Operate a policy of no smoking of tobacco or other products (including e-cigarettes) within University buildings and vehicles.

Prohibition of e-cigarettes

Whilst smoking traditional cigarettes was already prohibited in all University buildings and vehicles, the University Court decided in October 2015 that e-cigarettes should also be prohibited.
We ask people who do wish to smoke to minimise the risk of passive smoking by smoking away from doorways, open windows, air intakes and high pedestrian traffic areas/thoroughfares.

Helping you to stop smoking

As part of its commitment to promoting health & wellbeing at work the University is keen to encourage those who wish to stop smoking.

Read the University No Smoking Policy and explore links to further information on smoking and sources of support for giving up smoking.

First published: 25 November 2015