New phase for 'Managed Print' project

Published: 24 August 2015

The team running the University's Managed Print project is trial new, efficient and carbon cutting processes.

After the successful roll out of a very large number of multi-function printers across the campus, the second stage of Managed Printing in the University of Glasgow has now begun.

The Managed Print project team say this will involve a pilot study to determine the feasibility of routing print jobs above (but not limited to) a certain size to the Central Print Unit, rather than printing them on the local machines.

The benefits of doing this are that it continues to improve our carbon footprint and it is significantly cheaper. This will be achieved using software which is currently being reviewed and once the best system is selected its configuration will take place during December.

The pilot itself is planned to start in January, and it will run until March and will involve Chemistry, Geographical and Earth Sciences, Maths and Statistics, Music, the Scottish Graduate School for Arts and Humanities and Central Services.

There'll be further updates from the project team as the trial gets underway.

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First published: 24 August 2015

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