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Published: 27 April 2015

The trenching works and excavations linked to the District Heating Scheme are heading towards the Pearce Lodge in the early part of May. A 'big picture' map of the project.

Updated Friday 24 April

The trenching works and excavations linked to the District Heating Scheme are heading towards the Pearce Lodge in the early part of May.

Currently, and until the end of the month, the trench excavations on the University's South Front at Gilmorehill are the main focus of work for the contractor, Crown House Technologies. Pipes and cables are being laid in the trenches and gradually the area affected by the first phases of the project will be reinstated

Image of the gate and pathway leading to Kelvin WayFrom early May, once roadways, footpaths and parking areas are reinstated, the excavations will advanced down Engineering Way in the direction of the Pearce Lodge and University Avenue.  As this happens, it is going to be necessary to restrict parking and some access in the area of the James Watt South building and the Thomson building. 

Big Picture Map

A map of the entire University of Glasgow campus, including the Western Infirmary site, has now been released showing the big picture of the excavations and associated road and path works over the course of the next six months with approximate dates for when the digging is due to get underway. Please bear in mind that major construction projects are immensely complex and subject to change.  Our Estates & Buildings team, and the main contractor Crown House Technologies, will do their best to keep information and maps up-to-date. 

You can view the Big Picture Map here.

Good news

Vehicle traffic will still be able to move up and down Engineering Way, but much of the parking in that area will be suspended.  Temporary pathways will be marked out, but the steps and pathway down the hill to Kelvin Way will have to be closed off during this phase of the works.  The good news is that work will be complete near the Principal’s Lodgings and car parking in this area re-opened before works continue around the James Watt Building. The Crown House team are also hoping to put in place a steel bridge to allow access from the South Front over to the grassy area by the flagpole.

The Works May June map (opens as a PDF) shows the extent of the work, and restrictions to access and parking over the next few months.
You will always find the latest information available on the MyGlasgow Staff portal
If you want to check progress or ask for assistance, please use the email address: communications@glasgow.ac.uk We will try to get you an answer as soon as practicable.

Old system

The District Heating Scheme project is going to involve laying in the region of five and a half kilometres of new pipework across the University campus (both sides of University Avenue) over the next nine months or so.  This is to replace the old system, which was more than fifty years old. In some cases, the new network will also help facilitate high voltage and IT cables to improve campus services.

‌The project is also being used as a learning and teaching resource for our students.

Our video gives you some more of the background

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First published: 27 April 2015

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