Telephone system update

Published: 26 April 2012

The university is continuing with its project to update the telephone system.

As you are aware, the University is currently upgrading the phone system.  To date, 530 handsets have now been migrated over to the new system across 5 buildings on campus. These formed part of a pilot phase which was undertaken with minimal disruption and positive feedback from staff on the changeover and indeed the new system now in place.

Over the spring and summer, the phone system will be upgraded in the following buildings:

Adam Smith

Bute Gardens

Boyd Orr

Bower & West Medical

Bio Medical Research & George Service House

Davidson & Mathematics

Florentine House

Gilmorhill Halls



Hillhead Street

John Mac

Lilybank Gardens

Lilybank House

McMillan Reading Room

Pearce Lodge

Sir Alexander Stone

Sir Charles Wilson

South Park House

South Park Terrace

South Park Avenue

Stevenson & Cardiovascular Research Centre

The Library

The Hunterian

Wolfson Medical

Wolfson Link

An email with notification of the changeover will be sent to staff in each of the buildings prior to the change with information showing staff who receive a new handset how to use it and also how to activate and manage voicemail.

It is intended that by the end of the year, most handsets will be in place.  Please note that not all staff will receive a new handset in this rollout.  This is because new handsets require network connections and in some buildings, cabling difficulties mean there are a limited number of network connections.  Until these difficulties can be overcome, some staff will retain analogue handsets.

If you would like to find out more about the project, please go to

First published: 26 April 2012

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